How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 216.


I got the sack from a radio station for what I wrote in my last blog.

Ok, it wasn’t the actual blog that got me fired and the sacking happened a few years ago. I was dismissed for the way I handled on-air phone calls. In the blog, I explained how I now have a list of super-callers that I call during my radio show and use those calls on the air. The very first time I did this, I was given the boot from the radio station.

I only did one show a week for this radio station, it was a Sunday morning. I wasn’t getting many phone calls into the show, so I went through the phone log on the computer and while songs were playing, I called up people who had called the station in the previous week. It was easy, I just clicked on the number and it dialed them. I figured that they must be fans of the station and wouldn’t mind getting a call from us. I recorded all of the calls and played the best ones back on the air. Even though I made it clear where I was calling from and how I got their number, and got their consent at the beginning of the call to record them and their permission to broadcast at the end of the call, it all went horribly wrong.

After a few weeks, a couple of the people I called rang the radio station in the week, spoke to the Program Controller and said they didn’t want to be called on a Sunday morning. The Program Controller called me up and told me to stop calling numbers from the call log. I never called anyone direct from the call log again during my show.

Instead, the next time I was in the radio station, I wrote down the numbers from the call log and during the following week, I called every one of them on my mobile and asked them for permission to call them on Sunday mornings. Most of them said yes and I built a list of super-callers who were happy to be called, recorded and used on the air. I gave them all my mobile number and told them to call me if they ever wanted to be taken off my list. The next Sunday’s show was full of great callers again.

The boss called me on the Monday morning and told me he’d checked the phone log and found that I had been calling out from the radio station during my show after I’d been told not to.

I explained to him that every person I had called had given me permission and how I’d done it. His response was, “Do you REALLY expect me to believe that you would call people in your own time, on your mobile during the week and compile a list?” I said, “Yes, why don’t you just check the log, call any number I called yesterday and ask them?”. He said he wasn’t going to do that, told me I was fired and hung up the phone.

Up until that point, I’d not had any problems with this boss. I hadn’t had any run-ins with him about anything. In fact I hardly ever saw him because he worked during the week and I was only there on Sunday mornings.

The whole situation worked out great for both of us though. He clearly had some other issue with me that he hadn’t talked about and now he’d managed to get rid of me…

…And I learned a valuable lesson about communication and managing up… Let the boss know what you’re doing, before you do anything, bosses HATE surprises.

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