You’ll Never Walk Alone


Everyone in Liverpool has a story.

Today I went to Bootle to get my car’s air-conditioning re-charged. I met a bloke called Ian Parkinson from CoolCar. While Ian hooked up his gauges and vacuum pump, I got my phone out to check some emails. That’s when Ian noticed the Liver Bird on my home screen.

He told me that the Kop sing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ because of HIS DAD. He said his dad, Harry, was a singer in Liverpool in the 60s. One of the songs he used to perform was “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical Carousel. Ian said his dad used to stand on the Kop and loved to sing. One day in 1963, the Gerry and The Pacemakers version of the song was played at Anfield and Ian’s dad belted out his version. The crowd lifted him up and started to join in.

Anfield was one of the first football grounds to have a DJ and fans would sing along to a pre-match countdown of the latest top ten hits. When I interviewed Gerry Marsden a couple of years ago on BBC Radio Merseyside, Gerry told me that when the song went into the top ten, is when the Kop started singing it.

With my car’s air-conditioning fully re-charged, Ian handed me a CD and explained that he’d written and recorded a song that tells the story of how his dad was the first to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” on the Kop. It’s called, “To The Tune of the Spion Kop”. As I drove back into town, I put the CD on and it’s really good!

I’ve now found Ian’s song on Youtube. There’s some great pictures from Istanbul in 2005 that go along with it. The pictures are so good that they actually distract you from the story in the song. My advice is to skip the advert at the beginning then turn your screen off or point it away from you and just listen.

So if you’re a Liverpool fan and your car’s air-conditioning needs fixing, go and see Ian. After all, Jurgen Klopp’s favorite word is “cool”.

Craic on!

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