Have you ever wondered how kids earn their keep?

I was round at my Mum’s yesterday and she told me my cousin’s son had visited her on the weekend and brought his three year old son with him. Mum described the three year old as “delightful”. I asked what it was that he’d said or done. She couldn’t think of anything specific.

Then I realised that children are professional performers. They’re singers, dancers and comedians. Their job is to entertain people. In return they are rewarded handsomely and often.

It explains why when my Granddad Mack would visit us, he always gave my sister and I money and said, “Here’s your wages” and on visits to their house, Nana Mack would give us chocolate snowballs covered in coconut.

So we all start out in show business. And some of us, never grow out of it.

Craic on!

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