The Old Shell Game


The thing I like the most about Liverpool is the people. Scousers tend to come across as either hard knocks or comedians but deep down they are the warmest, most generous and caring people you’ll ever meet. As I’ve been spending a lot of time in the city lately, I have come up with a theory.

I believe that the people of Liverpool are extremely sensitive. They are raw and feel things very deeply and not just personal feelings. They have a huge amount of empathy, they feel what another person or animal is experiencing from within the other’s frame of reference. To protect themselves from the pain, they have to build a hard shell which they wear as, an external persona. That shell is a hard case or a comic.

Maybe it’s because the people of Liverpool are a hybrid of Irish and Welsh descent (you can hear it in the accent), the Irish and the Welsh are two of the most emotionally sensitive groups of people you could find anywhere.

My theory could explain why Liverpool has produced more than it’s fair share of boxers and comedians and also why four leather clad, young musicians from Liverpool, could play hard rock ‘n’ roll to drunken sailors in Hamburg then charm the world’s press with humour and also go on to write songs like ‘Yesterday’, ‘Eleanor Rigby’, ‘Imagine’ and ‘Something’.

Craic on!

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