Inappropriate Language


It’s funny when things get lost in translation.

A while ago, I mentioned the time I rented a convertible in Italy. It rained and although I managed to get the roof up, it didn’t seal properly above the windscreen on the driver’s side. When I got to the hotel, the porter who took our bags up to the room, looked at the large wet patch around the crotch of my jeans and said, “Bed wetter?”

At least that’s what I thought he said until he followed up with, “Bed wetter today, yesterday we had very good wetter”. He was saying “bad weather”!

I told that story to Jenny Lee Summers from Radio Merseyside the other day. It reminded her of when her mother got sunburnt in Italy and went to a local chemist looking for something to ease the pain. When she eventually managed to explain to the man behind the counter what had happened he said, “Ah, you lying bitch!”

But what he was actually saying was, “Ah, you lie on beach!”

Craic on!

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