Correct Answer!


The literal truth is not always the best answer.

As another big European night approaches for Liverpool Football Club, I’m reminded of the time my dad asked me why I support LFC.

I was about ten and said, “Well, I was born in Liverpool, you support them, you’ve got a season ticket in the Kemlyn Road stand and you’ve been taking me to games for as long as I can remember” (from the age of three, he used to lift me over the turnstiles and sit me on his knee).

My six year old sister, Lyndsay, was born in Warrington and had never been to a match. After asking me, he turned to Lyndsay and asked her why she supported Liverpool. She said, “Because they’re the best!”

I gave an answer that was as truthful as possible but Lyndsay gave the correct answer.

Craic on!

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