Cats Protection


“Help me fill this water pistol!” Those were the words my 79 year old mother greeted me with when I went to visit her today to take her supermarket shopping.

My sister is away on holiday and she’s left her cat with my parents. Blinky is not exactly a friendly cat. When I visited a few days ago, I reached out to greet her and coax her out from behind the couch and she attacked me. The cuts on my hand still haven’t healed.

“Bloody thing went for your dad this morning!” my mother said as I filled up a thing called a, ‘Super Soaker Scatter Blaster’ that was big enough to take down a tiger. Once she’d armed my 84 year old father with this weapon, she was happy to leave him at home to defend himself and we were ready to leave the house.

I took her to Aldi, which was a new experience for me. I couldn’t get over the random selection of products for sale. As well as the usual grocery items, you could also buy an air compressor, an underwater digital camera, an electric chain saw and a petrol powered generator. My favourite random item was right next to the frozen peas. It was a basket containing boxing gloves.

Maybe I should have bought a pair to protect my hands from Blinky!

Craic on!

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