How To Look Good in Photos


“How come you look good in every photo?” When Martin, the 20 year old intern at BOB FM said that to me after looking through the photos from our staff night out at a local curry house last week, it was the first proof I’ve had that a trick I’ve been using may be working.

It’s a trick I learned working in radio that I have adapted for when I’m having my picture taken. When people listen to the radio they’re usually on their own, so when you’re on the air you have to imagine you’re talking to just one person.

I used to subscribe to a newsletter called “One to One” which was published by a radio talent coach called Jay Trachman. Jay took the concept of talking to one person a step further. He said that it should be a real person, someone you have a personal relationship with, someone who not only likes what you have to say but someone who loves who you are. You imagine that person listening to you. Jay said that when you do this, you automatically start using the words, speech patterns and inflections that you only use when you talk to someone you’re very close to. Subconsciously, the listener picks this up and is fooled into thinking that they have a close relationship with you. Jay likened the technique to method acting.

So here’s what I do when I’m having my photo taken; I look down the barrel of the camera and imagine Julie is looking back at me. My theory is that if someone looks at a picture of me, they’ll see me looking back at them the same way I look at the person I love the most and they’ll be fooled into thinking that they have a close relationship with me.

I don’t know for sure if my trick works but spending a few extra seconds thinking about Julie makes me feel good and that must show on my face!

Craic on!

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