Mack Nuggets


Here’s what I’ve been on about on BOB fm lately, including:

A call to Martin’s biggest fan in Germany.

Buzz Aldrin has the answer but NASA won’t listen.

The Grand Final of The International Contest of jokes.

How to look good in every photo.

Why virtual reality won’t catch on.

Electronic miscommunication.

The truth about airport security.

How women can tell if a man is in a relationship.

The most romantic gesture.

Broadcasting from a petrol station in Australia.

How a destructive culture at a radio station caused people to be burned.

The Graham Mack Theory of Everything.

Single women over 30 are crazy.

How I almost got thrown out of a West End theatre.

The best way to have pancakes.

Why I never go on cruise ships.


When you realised you’re not a kid anymore.

Craic on!

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