My John Lennon Connection.


I thought I had no real connection to John Lennon until now…

For most of the 80s and 90s I lived in Australia and New Zealand and used to impress the locals with the fact that I was born in the same hospital as John Lennon. I was the frontman in a 60s cover band at the time, so it was a helpful thing to mention.

No one in Liverpool would be impressed because between 1926 when it opened and 1995 when it closed, thousands of babies would have been born in Liverpool Maternity Hospital on Oxford Street Liverpool. My connection to Lennon this way becomes even more tenuous when you consider that on the day I was born, John was 6000 miles away in Hong Kong on tour with The Beatles.

Today I was reading a book called “The Beatles – All These Years” by Mark Lewisohn which documents The Beatles early lives. The book mentions that for three or four weeks in the summer of 1958, John Lennon worked at the Viscount restaurant in Liverpool’s Speke Airport. He did basic restaurant work like washing dishes.

Well, exactly twenty years later, in the summer of 1978, when I was 14, I had a Saturday job working in the kitchen of the Argyle restaurant at Speke Airport. I was a kitchen porter, which meant I did basic restaurant work like washing dishes. If the Argyle restaurant used to be called the Viscount, I HAD JOHN LENNON’S OLD JOB!

OK, so washing dishes isn’t as big a deal as John’s more famous old job but hey, there will be fewer people in Liverpool that have done that job than were born in the old maternity hospital, so it’s a much closer connection!

Now here’s the thing; the old Speke Airport closed in 1986 and a new airport opened about two miles away. Known locally for years as “the new airport”, it changed it’s name in 2002 to Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

A precedent has been set. Liverpool names the place where people catch flights in the future after the bloke who used to wash the dishes in the restaurant in the past. That means, it’s only a matter of time till Liverpool opens, “The Graham Mack Spaceport”!

Craic on!

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