Twice is Nice


Now that ebooks are so easy to get on my phone, a few months ago, I decided to read all fourteen James Bond books written by Ian Fleming, in the order they were published. Right now I’m up to the 12th one, “You Only Live Twice”.

I read a few James Bond books when was a kid. When I was about thirteen, I bought a second hand paperback copy of, “Live and Let Die” at our school fete. I enjoyed it so much that with some of the money I earned from my paper round at Thornleigh’s newsagents, I ended up buying “Goldfinger”, “From Russia With Love” and “The Spy Who Loved Me”. I haven’t read any James Bond books since.

Reading them again makes me feel like I’m living twice. I’m half expecting my dad to walk in and say something, like the time he came home from work, saw me on the couch reading a book and said, “Is the telly broken?”

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