Brexit Poll


Ever wonder what other European countries think of the UK?

With a vote on our continued membership of the EU coming up on June 23rd, I thought you’d like to see what one German thinks of us.

Martin is 20 and a media student from Wendlingen just outside Stuttgart. He’s been working as an intern at BOB fm in the Home Counties for the last five months. Today he let me read the report he’s produced for his College in Offenburg.

Here’s what he wrote;

“Great Britain – the land of the Beatles and One Direcion, of fish and chips and packaged sandwiches, an island with beautiful countryside and a rich culture, but also an ever-present, constant drizzle. It’s a country where they wear colourful paper crowns for Christmas, have milk with their tea and consider instant coffee as actual coffee.”

I can’t argue with any of that!

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