Ticket to Snide


The fans are still being ripped off.

Liverpool Football Club’s U-turn over the planned ticket price rises and public apology is welcome but does it go far enough?

Premier League clubs will share in a windfall of more than £8.3 billion from their new broadcast contracts. Liverpool will earn at least £100m from the new TV deal.

I was listening to the Roger Philips phone-in on BBC Radio Merseyside on Friday. A bloke called Dave from Kirkby called up. Dave is an Evertonian and was on his way to London to attend a meeting organised by the Football Supporters Federation to talk about ticket prices.

According to Dave, the new TV deal would allow every Premier League club to subsidise every ticket for every game in every stadium throughout the season by £50 and still be better off financially than they were under the previous deal.

So why are they charging the fans so much to attend games? I’m sure the club would argue that they need to make the maximum amount of money to allow them to buy and pay the very best players so they can compete for the biggest trophies. Well Dave also pointed out that the current Bundesliga champions, Bayern Munich only charge their fans €20 for match tickets.

The new TV deal shows how much television values football but it’s not just the game they’re broadcasting. Football on TV is not just pictures of the game, a commentator and the sound of the ball being kicked. Football on television is also all about the sound of the fans and the cut-away shots of our reactions to what’s happening on the pitch. Football without fans in the stadium wouldn’t be worth as much to the networks.

As far as television is concerned, football is a live TV show. If you’ve ever been in a studio audience, you’ll know how much TV companies charge for those tickets, they’re free!

The fans are responsible for part of that £8.3 billion the clubs will be raking in from next season. We are part of the package the clubs are selling to the networks. The least the clubs could do is use some of that money to subsidise the price of tickets.

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