Air Heads


Today I heard something unusual, a great radio demo. 

In all the years I’ve been a radio station Program Director, I can’t remember the last time I heard something this good on a demo. Where are all the real entertainers? Do they stay away from commercial music radio because it’s restrictive and boring? Is blandness being actively encouraged? Is anyone who stands out being eliminated? Is radio evolving in reverse because it eats it’s own young?

Do the usual demos I get prove that only uninteresting people are attracted to commercial music radio? It doesn’t matter if they’re applying for an advertised job or just sending something on spec, I know what I’m going to get.

I’m going to hear dull people introducing and back announcing songs, full traffic and travel reports, bad audio and popping. There’ll be cheesy 1970s style jocks pushing faders up and down as they talk over irrelevant music beds that are too loud and clones of Chris Evans, Chris Moyles and Simon Mayo.

I’ll find myself asking, other than introducing and back-announcing someone else’s work, or reading a script they didn’t write and trying to sound like someone else, what do they think they can bring to the medium?

But this bloke was different. I heard compelling, unique content, authenticity and genuine humor. He doesn’t sound like anyone else, he’s an original talent.

Could that be why he can’t find a job in commercial radio right now?

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