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Here’s what I’ve been up to on BOB fm lately, including:

Outside your comfort zone.

Public transport stories.

Has the Home Counties got talent?

The weather takes a walk on the mild side.

Bus lanes are causing congestion.

The coldest place you’ve ever been.

The Queen ripping off charities.

The reason we don’t get enough exercise.

Donald Trump banned from the UK.

The continuing war on sugar.

Now taxpayers will give be giving money to the big tobacco companies.

The shocking story of a bald man who stole an air ambulance, gatecrashed a school canteen and stole food from children.

Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch; I agree with traffic wardens.

David Cameron is not dead.

One-eyed monsters.

New Year’s resolution updates.

The passenger drone.

Kelly’s random message.

Stuff you’ve left behind.

The answer to Britain’s obesity epidemic.

Fancy dress stories.

The Met Office are still useless.

Why selfies should not be banned.

Craic on!

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