Let Them Eat Birthday Cake!


If you were invited to someone’s birthday party, how would you feel if they asked you to pay £150 to be there?

That’s what the Queen is doing for her 90th. I agree with Rosie Millard from The Independent, who’s written an excellent article about this PR disaster.

The Queen is “inviting” along all of the special people who work for the hundreds of charities she lends her name to but she’s charging them £150 each for the privilege.

It’s called the “Patron’s Lunch” and is being marketed as Britain’s Biggest Street Party, on the street otherwise known as the Mall. Ten thousand people from the 628 national and Commonwealth charities of which the Queen is patron will be invited. Each charity will have to pay £1,500 for a table of 10 people. There will be 1,000 tables. So the “bash”, which consists of a “hamper” lunch provided by M&S, some bands from the Commonwealth wandering around the Mall and plastic rain ponchos (just in case), will raise £1.5m in ticket sales alone.

Peter Phillips is organising the event, he’s the Queen’s grandson. Phillips, as director of Sports & Entertainment Ltd, admits he is being paid an “undisclosed” fee for organising the do, selling tickets and rustling up money from sponsors. So people who work for Great Ormond Street Hospital, Cancer Research UK, and the Dogs Trust will pay a relation of the Queen to organise a party for the Queen, who is one of the richest women in the world. When you donate to these charities, is that really what you want them to be doing with your money?

The Charities will be allowed to “sell on” 40 per cent of their tickets. Which most will have to do to help pay for the other 60%. So a lot of the people there will have zero connections to the charities anyway.

Why she needs to celebrate her birthday is beyond me, let alone why she expects her guests to pay. We’ve been paying all our working lives for her to live a life of obscene opulence. Birthday’s aren’t even a big deal for the Queen. She gets twice as many as everyone else in the first place and let’s face it, if you had eight official residences stuffed with priceless artwork, hot and cold running servants, and more money than you could ever spend in a lifetime, you’d think EVERY day was your birthday!

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