Cold Sore


I’ve had it all wrong about the Met Office.

I used to think they were fortune tellers. They make out they can predict the future but they’re rubbish at it. They predicted a hot dry summer for England. What we got was one of the coldest and wettest. Before Christmas, they predicted 38 days of Arctic winter for Britain. We had one chilly morning. Meanwhile the north of England had to cope with devastating floods. The Met Office didn’t see them coming at all!

Last week, they told us an “Arctic blast” was on the way and last night would be the coldest of the year. Well we’ve only had twelve nights this year and when I drove to work before 5am the temperature gauge in my car showed it was 6 degrees Celsius, nowhere near the minus 15 predicted. We’ve had much colder nights this year even though it’s been one of the mildest Januarys ever!

I love listening to weather forecasts now because they always make me laugh, they’re so entertaining! I’ve decided that the Met Office is not in the fortune telling business, they’re in showbusiness!

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