Mack Nuggets


These are my favourite bits from 2015 on BOB fm, including:

DeWalt and BOB fm, the amputation station.

Killer jellyfish.

The sinister truth about David Cameron’s ‘Christian values’.

Why Smartphones are not going anywhere.

Cats trying it on.

If you don’t want to get ripped off, buy the knock-off version.

Locked out stories.

The donkey in the police car.

Hiding vegetables.

The funny headline.


Prince Charles is a hypocrite.

Embarrassed by your parents.

What men DON’T want for Christmas.

Plastic surgery that fixed one thing, ruined another.

A bag for life.

Volkswagen have done nothing wrong.

Why Prince William is the wrong person to talk to the Chinese.

Britain’s train operators do not follow the rules of business OR physics.

A chat with a teenager who chased a murderer.

In-law porn.

Gulf states not doing enough for migrants.

Random Acts of Kindness.

Kids causing stress.

When Tracey went into labour in the car.

Craic on!

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