DAY 12 – Phone still not fixed.


It’s the wrong time of year to get anything done.

We had a quiet Christmas, partly due to the fact that no one can call us on the home phone.

We switched telephone providers on 17th December. Since then, we haven’t been able to get incoming calls. I call their customer “care line” every day and get the same run-around. They go through a checklist designed to put the blame on my equipment and when they can’t, they send an engineer. So far they’ve sent two engineers, who’ve both told me there’s nothing wrong at my end.  

Day before yesterday, I changed tack and emailed their ‘complaints’ department. About an hour later I got a call on my mobile from India. The lady on the phone said they’d look into the problem and she’d call me back the next day to let me know what’s going on.

Yesterday she called back and told me nothing has happened because it was a public holiday and no one is at work. Obviously, when she called me the day before, she was unaware of the bank holiday in England. 28th December must not have been a bank holiday in India.

The thing I don’t understand is; if they’re based in India and 28th December isn’t a bank holiday there, why was no one at work?

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