DAY 6 – Phone still not fixed.


I’ve worked out what’s really going on in the customer services department at my phone and internet provider.

I switched to them on Thursday. Since then, my landline phone hasn’t been able to get incoming calls. I call their customer “care line” every day and they apologize for the way I’m feeling. They never apologize for not delivering what I’m paying for. “We’re sorry you feel that we’ve let you down”.

They’ve been trying to blame my equipment, even though everything worked fine until we switched to them. They even sent an engineer out yesterday to check it. He couldn’t find anything wrong at our end, which must have been a disappointment to them, so they’re sending ANOTHER engineer on Christmas Eve!

Talking to them on the phone is like interacting with a computer. You can tell they’re just going through a checklist, then they roll a dice and give you one of six different phrases to apologise for the way they’ve made you feel. When all else fails, they send an engineer, who tells them it’s at their end not mine, then I call them back and we start the process again from the beginning.

So while everyone else is waiting for a fat man in a red suit on Christmas Eve, we’ll be at home waiting for a fat man in overalls. Meanwhile in the customer service centre, they’ll be singing Christmas songs…

“We’re checking a list, we’re rolling a dice, when we’re in doubt, we send an engineer twice…”

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