I’m sure my new phone and internet provider know how rubbish they are. A quick Google of their name and the phrase “customer service” reveals hundreds of horror stories and even an award for bad service.

In the last Craic I told you about the problems I’m having with my landline telephone. I switched my phone and internet supplier on Thursday. The problem is, I still can’t receive incoming calls.

After they tried as hard as they could to make out it was my fault, blaming everything from damp walls to my equipment, they decided to send out an engineer. I don’t know why, the problem is definitely not at our end. Everything was working perfectly till we made the switch.

The engineer showed up this morning. Julie took time off work so she could be here. He tested everything and told us what we’ve been telling them all along and that is that there’s nothing wrong with our phone and the walls are dry.

Julie said the funniest bit was the expression on his face when he was talking to their Indian call centre on speakerphone and they both heard a voice say, “That should be working in half an hour but tell the customer it’ll be two hours”.

More than two hours later, when I got home from work, I tried to call the home number from my mobile, still nothing. We still can’t receive calls but we did receive two emails from the service provider this afternoon. The first one said, “Just letting you know that we’ve finished your job”. That’s annoying because the job is nowhere near finished or STARTED for that matter, the phone hasn’t worked properly since we switched to them on Thursday. The other email is even more annoying, it’s a bill for £80.26 which includes line rental for a line that doesn’t receive phone calls!

I called up customer “care” again and after being put on hold twice and being hung up on once, I eventually got hold of a human being. He told me that it would be working before midnight (so much for the half an hour that we were supposed to be told would be two hours). He said he’ll call me back tomorrow to confirm that everything is OK.

It’s obvious that he knows it won’t be working by tomorrow because he said he’d call on my mobile!

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