Light Housekeeping


I’m pretty sure I know why I’m being plagued by one-eyed monsters.

It’s because hardly anybody does basic car maintenance any more. My dad was no mechanic but he did every oil change on his Cortina, himself. Most drivers these days wouldn’t know where to find the dipstick.

Every morning on my eight mile drive to work, I see the one-eyed monsters. At least one, sometimes as many as four, cars with only one headlight working. That might not seem a lot but considering I’m on the road before 5am and don’t see that many other cars, the ratio is high. Changing a headlight or even noticing that you’ve only got one, is one of the basics of car maintenance that people don’t do any more.

OK, I have to admit, the last oil change I did myself was on my Ford Escort when I was 17 but at least I know how to check the oil.

It’s easy to find the dipstick in cars being driven with only one headlight, it’s between the steering wheel and the seat!

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