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The War Office changed its name to the Ministry of Defence in 1964. Now they should just go ahead and change it back.

The Prime Minister, David Cameron is saying that we should bomb Islamic State militants in Syria and that Britain cannot afford to stand aside.

But we’re not standing aside, we’re doing our bit. The RAF are flying surveillance missions and providing intelligence, and we’re taking in migrants who are the result of the conflict. It’s a civil war, President Bashar al-Assad is under attack from rebels who are trying to get rid of him. They’re being helped by Kurds, Turkmen and ISIS. Islamic State are just one of the factions. They ended up there when they were pushed out of Iraq during the last war we were involved in.

ISIS is a real problem in the region but the big five Gulf states, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain, who are all massively wealthy, have massive militaries and are most at risk from ISIS, aren’t doing much at all. None of them have taken ANY migrants!

David Cameron says we need to get more involved in the civil war in Syria to make Britain safer, even though the total number of ISIS attacks on British soil still stands at zero.

The reason for zero attacks in Britain is because our domestic security services, anti-terrorism, police and MI5 have been on top of any threats.

Wouldn’t we be better to spend all of the money that bombing in Syria would cost, on extra security at home? That sounds more like “defence” to me.

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