Radio Ga Ga!


In radio you’re supposed to keep people listening by teasing ahead, giving the listener a reason to stay, something to look forward to.

So why do so many music radio DJs keep saying on the air, what time they’re on till?

Often they give you this information at the beginning of their shift. The first thing they say is along the lines of, “I’m Johnny Jock, with you until…” I listened to a bloke today who came on the air at 2pm and sure enough, the first thing he said was that he was “…here till 6pm”.

DJs who tell you what time they’re on till are telling you to look forward to when they’re not on the radio!

Maybe they’re telling us what THEY’RE looking forward to. If that’s the case and they don’t like being on the air, why don’t they just go and do something else instead?

The thing is, he’s not on till 6pm, he’s on till I decide to switch him off. Which happened a few seconds after he told me what time he’s on till.

Craic on!

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