Back Fire?


We’re all angry about what happened in Paris. Do we always make the best decisions when we’re angry? How many times have you looked back on a situation and realised what you SHOULD have done?

Six out of ten Britons want the UK to bomb ISIS in Syria. That’s according to a ComRes poll, published this week by the Daily Mail. Ministers are growing increasingly confident of winning a vote in favour of military action, which could come as soon as Christmas. The United Nations has approved a French proposal which authorises “combat by all means” against the Islamic State.

We all want an end to the terrorism but when has bombing the hell out of terrorists ever stopped them?

Paris was attacked because of France’s involvement in Syria, the Russian airliner was brought down over Sinai in retaliation for Russian bombing. Why do we think ISIS will leave us alone if we bomb them?

Has bombing ever worked? Tony Blair has said that without the Iraq war, there would be no Islamic State. In a CNN interview, when asked whether the Iraq invasion had been the “principal cause” of the rise of ISIS, he said “I think there are elements of truth in that”.

When the IRA were bombing mainland Britain, what would have happened if the RAF had bombed terrorist targets in Belfast? Surely that would just have made things worse, the IRA would have escalated their attacks on Britain.

The Troubles in Northern Ireland are the only example I can think of in my lifetime where a terrorist threat has been removed. It took a long time, there were many setbacks, a lot of talks and a power sharing agreement in the region but the RAF didn’t bomb them.

The situation in Syria is complex, the solution won’t be simple but it has to be found. I hope we don’t end up looking back asking ourselves why we did what we did and why we thought it would work. That could end up making us and future generations very angry.

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