German media student travels more than 600 miles to work for free at BOB fm.


Graham Mack&Martin

Martin Heer is 20 years old and lives in Wendlingen near Stuttgart, Germany. His favourite radio station is BOB fm in the Home Counties, he listens online. He’s been studying media design and production at the University of Offenburg since March 2014. Part of his course is a 90 day internship at a media company, so Martin decided to get in touch with BOB.

He said, “It was quite a long shot and I never thought that it would work out so well. It has been great fun so far, it’s interesting to see how a radio station works and there’s so much to learn from everybody at BOB fm”.

The first challenge was accommodation, but Jo the cleaner at BOB fm, who lives in Knebworth was looking for a lodger and that problem was solved.

In his first two months at BOB, Martin has even become a character on the Breakfast Show. In an attempt to destroy the stereotype that Germans aren’t funny, Martin tells a joke on the air every morning. BOB fm Program Director, Graham Mack said, “Martin is a great bloke, works hard but his joke telling isn’t really there yet”. We wanted to challenge him, so it was either that or get him to understand the rules of cricket!”

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