Mack Nuggets.


Here are some of my favourite bits from BOB fm this year including; Why Volkswagen have done nothing wrong, the sinister truth about the sugar tax, how Jeremy Corbyn almost messed up Britain sucking up to the Chinese, Prince William was the wrong person to talk to the Chinese but their president is staying in the wrong house, Graham Mack, Radio Detective and the case of Sammi’s stalker and the missing German, the government and the supermarkets destroying the planet and charging YOU for it, revenge stories, Britain’s train operators do not follow the rules of business OR physics, a chat with a teenager who chased a murderer, in-law porn, Britain not doing enough for migrants but the Gulf states aren’t doing anything, tales of accidental indecent exposure, stupid questions, abandonment stories, why selfies are dangerous, the dad who taught his kid to lie, electronic mutiny, our Nazi Queen, your embarrassing photos, the smell of fake leather, random acts of kindness, killer jellyfish, embarrassed by your parents, DeWalt and BOB fm, the amputation station, kids causing stress and when Tracey went into labour in the car.

I hope some of your favourites are on here too.

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