I’ve seen the light!


If you wake up with a splitting headache on the weekend and it’s not a hangover, I can save you.

This is the first Saturday in years where I haven’t woken up with a headache. I’ve worked out that I was physically addicted to caffeine. I didn’t consume as much of the stuff on the weekend as I did at work. My headaches were caused by caffeine withdrawal.

For the last seven days I’ve switched to decaf coffee at work and cut out cola drinks all together. It’s not been easy, I’ve been so tired I’ve needed extra sleep and I’ve found it difficult to concentrate but now I’m free!

I’ve never felt so good on the weekend! I feel like going door to door, converting people to decaffeination salvation! I also don’t drink or smoke. It’s a shame I don’t believe in God, I’d make a pretty good Mormon!

Craic on!

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