Penn is Not Mightier Than The Broad.


Do you believe it is wrong to punish someone for something they didn’t do? If the answer is “yes” then you must also believe it is wrong to reward someone for something they didn’t do.

I heard that or words to that effect from Penn Jillette, one half of ‘Penn & Teller’, the American magicians and entertainers. I was listening to the excellent ‘Penn’s Sunday School’ podcast this week.

It got me thinking about Britain’s hereditary monarchy. Clearly that’s an example of people being rewarded for something they didn’t do. The royals are guaranteed the rewards of wealth, power and respect before they are even born.

Penn Jillette got to the very top in show business by working extremely hard but the reality is, even in his own country, he doesn’t enjoy the same level of privilege, power and respect as our Queen gets when she visits the USA. How can that be right in a republic that fought a war to give them freedom from the control of the British monarchy and has a Declaration of Independence that clearly states All men are created equal”?

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