What You China Say?


Why did Prince William make a direct television appeal to the people of China?

It’s one of the most bizarre aspects of the state visit to Britain of the Chinese president Xi Jinping. Prince William was invited to speak on Chinese state TV about the issue of wildlife conservation.

He was an odd choice as a spokesmen for conservation. Do the Chinese know how the British treat our native wildlife? Right now Britain is in the middle of a continuing badger cull and the Prince himself represents a family that shoots pheasants and hunts foxes with dogs for fun!

The problem he addressed is real and serious. The annual consumption of ‘traditional remedies’ made of tiger bone, bear gall bladder, rhinoceros horn, dried geckoes and a plethora of other animal parts is of phenomenal proportions. It is believed that today at least 60 per cent of China’s billion-plus inhabitants use medicines of this type.

It all comes down to that phrase ‘traditional remedies’. The Chinese who use these ‘medicines’ believe these animal parts contain magical healing properties. The people who came up with these ‘cures’ at the time, did not have the benefit of modern scientific discovery. These people thought the world was flat and didn’t know where the sun went at night.

Tradition is not science, it’s just a crazy belief, a belief that hasn’t been questioned for hundreds of years.

The Prince was asking up to 100 million television viewers in China to question and even go against their traditions. That’s a great idea but the fact that it was him and not a member of the scientific community speaking to them means he was expecting them not to question one of our traditions, the British tradition of hereditary monarchy.

We believe that one family of German descent are so superior to the rest of us that they are ‘born to rule’. We have elevated them to the position of the highest power in the land through no effort of their own, it’s predetermined before they are born. There is no fixed term of office, once they become the head of state they remain in the role for the rest of their life. They are treated with the reverence of demigods. They live a life of extreme opulence at our expense. Our press fawn over them and when it turns out that their babies do exactly the same things that ordinary babies do we are amazed and it’s front page news! Our traditions are just as crazy as theirs and just as harmful if you happen to be a badger, pheasant or a fox.

Will the Chinese take any notice of Prince William? I hope so, because his message is a really important one but wouldn’t that message be a lot more effective if it was delivered by a doctor?

You see, a doctor could show the Chinese more effective ways to cure impotence and illness without killing a tiger, a bear or a rhino and cutting it’s bits off.

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