How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 204.


Why do radio stations book the cleaners to come in DURING the Breakfast Show?

It’s peak time for listening and the time when the most is going on in there. It’s where the most expensive advertising is sold and is the most important daypart. You can’t win in the ratings during the rest of the day, if you don’t win at breakfast.

The cleaners have a very important job and don’t always check that the mic is off before clanging a waste paper bin against the door as they go in and out or turning on the vacuum cleaner.

After breakfast, radio stations play three, four or five songs in a row, so there would be more time for cleaners to do their thing. Some stations aren’t even live after 10am, the studio is empty, but every radio station I’ve presented the Breakfast Show on has booked the cleaners to come in during the show. It was even that way on an all-speech show I presented for the BBC. The mic was open most of the time because we didn’t even play commercials. Booking the cleaners to come in at the worst possible time can’t just be an oversight or coincidence, it must be deliberate.

Other businesses don’t do this. They don’t send cleaners into a Boeing 747 cockpit while they’re on final approach. When Neil Armstrong said “The Eagle has landed”, that was static you heard in the background, not the sound of Henry the Hoover and you don’t see Mick Jagger sidestepping people who are sweeping the stage.

I actually get on really well with the cleaners, probably because they’re the most normal people I meet all day. That must be the reason why they’re sent in at that time. It must be to keep Breakfast hosts grounded, to remind us that what we do is not important and that we’re not special.

And it works!

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