A Brush With Serendipity.


There were a couple of weird coincidences on our anniversary weekend trip to Stockholm.

As we were queuing up to get on the plane at Heathrow, I spotted a bushy eyebrow bloke. We always find these people fascinating. Why don’t old men trim their eyebrows? This bloke’s brows looked like two very scared, furry animals. I tried to point him out to Julie but I was too late, his boarding card was scanned and he went through before I had chance and had to settle for a “You should have seen him!”

So we get onto the plane and we’re walking down the aisle looking for our seats and there he is. He’s by the window, in the seat RIGHT NEXT TO JULIE’S!

The next coincidence happened on the flight home but started out in the duty free shop at Heathrow on the way out. We were looking at the compact cameras for sale that had interchangeable lenses. We talked about how they would give you better pictures than the camera on your phone. You’d still be able to post them direct to Twitter because the cameras connect to wifi. The cheapest one was around £300. We decided that was a bit much to pay for better twitpics.

Then on the Scandinavian Airlines plane on the way home, I was reading the in-flight shopping brochure and noticed you could buy a set of tiny lenses that connect to your iPhone. There was a wide-angle, a macro and a fisheye. The price was 399 Swedish Krona for the set, which is only £31. I needed to use up my Swedish money anyway so I checked what I had left in my wallet. I had exactly 400 Krona, sold!

It’s a shame we didn’t see eyebrow man on the way back. We would have had the perfect lense to get a close-up that captured the full glory of those out of control, startled ferrets above his eyes!


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