Money collected in tax should not be used to pay for pacifiers for idiots!

The first official review into the health impact of e-cigarettes concluded that they should be provided on the NHS. The report says that smoking e-cigarettes is 95 per cent safer than smoking tobacco. You know what is 100% safer than smoking tobacco? NOT SMOKING ANYTHING!

The dangers of smoking are no secret. It kills six million people a year. There are huge graphic warnings on the packs and if you want to buy them in the supermarket you have to go to the special counter for ‘losers’. That’s where you have to wait with the people who don’t understand ratios, the people who buy lottery tickets (you are 14 times more likely to be struck by lightning than win the jackpot).  

If you don’t count the drugs they use for lethal injection, cigarettes are the only product that, when used EXACTLY as the manufacturer intended, will kill you. People who smoke KNOW that if they continue, they will die a slow painful death. Now, a lot of these people are saying they still won’t give up unless WE buy them a hi-tech dummy?

The NHS should not be paying for this. I’ve heard the ­arguments, such as it’ll save billions in the long run with all the smoking-related diseases that won’t have to be treated later. But what about other costs? If people kill themselves early from smoking surely they are less likely to need other expensive help in old age like the state pension, treatment for dementia and long-term care!

Nicotine patches are already available on the NHS. What’s wrong with using those? Stick one on your arm and if that doesn’t help you give up, stick it over you mouth!

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