NICE can struck off!


What have the health watchdog, NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) got against doctors?

NICE claim that GPs are over-prescribing antibiotics and as a result we’re facing an “antibiotic apocalypse“, where long-forgotten infections could kill again, due to rising numbers of bugs that are now resistant. That sounds scary but it’s not the true cause of the problem. The truth is even more frightening.

Over-prescribing doctors are just scapegoats. It’s a cover story to prevent the mass panic that would exist if we were told the truth, which is this….

We are all taking antibiotics every day, not from our doctors…                   ANTIBIOTICS ARE IN OUR FOOD!

In the UK, nearly 45% of all antibiotics are used in farming. They’re mostly used as a pharmaceutical crutch to compensate for the disease-inducing conditions of factory farming. Thousands of animals are typically kept crowded together in confined spaces. Many pigs, poultry and dairy cows receive antibiotics routinely, whether or not they are unwell. Under EU law, farmers are even allowed to give animals antibiotics which are critically important in human medicine. An estimated 70 percent of antibiotics important to human health are sold for use in meat and dairy production.

We are approaching a post-antibiotic era where common infections will once again become killers. In Britain alone an estimated 10,000 people die a year and experts fear this could quadruple within the next 10 years. Before antibiotics, five women out of every 1,000 died from childbirth, as did three out of ten people who contracted pneumonia. Skin infections proved fatal for one out of nine people.

It’s clear that what’s needed is better regulation of the use of antibiotics in farming. Picking on over-worked, over stressed GPs won’t fix the problem and it’s not very NICE!

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