That’s All Volks!


Volkswagen haven’t done anything wrong.

I feel sorry for their former chief executive Martin Winterkorn, who resigned over the emissions cheating scandal.

All new vehicles must pass emissions tests before going on sale to the public. This involves parking the car on a rolling road and running its engine in a series of ways. The contents of exhaust emissions are monitored and checked against the legal maximum.

VW were found to have a “defeat device” in a number of its cars. This device can tell when the car is being driven normally and when it is being tested for emissions. This device communicates with the car’s computer to adjust how the engine is running, reducing emissions to legal levels only when it is being tested.

The test is supposed to measure emissions during normal driving conditions. It doesn’t do that, the test is ineffective. Why are Volkwagen being vilified? It’s whoever designed the TEST that wasn’t doing their job.

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