DAY 3 in The BOB Brother House.


Things are still bizzaro. I’m living in a world which is the complete opposite to the one I normally inhabit.

I don’t do, seaside and sunshine holidays. I haven’t been to Spain since my parents took me when I was a kid and I go out of my way to NOT stay at other peoples houses (even B&Bs make me uncomfortable). Well, our boss has flown the staff out to his villa in Spain.

I was sick the first day so didn’t make it on the first night out. Last night I went out with everyone for what I thought was a quiet curry. It turned out to be a lot more than that.

I can’t remember the last time I went out and stayed out past midnight. A late night for me is if I go to bed after 8pm. Even on New Year’s Eve, I get woken up in bed by someone letting off fireworks at midnight. I haven’t been to a nightclub since I was in my twenties. After the Indian last night, we visited a few bars and ended up in a nightclub. We stayed there till after 3am!

Something else I don’t do is eating outdoors. Since we evolved from tree dwelling apes and became cave dwelling humans, I think eating outside is a backward step.

Tonight there’s a barbecue.

Craic on!

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