BOB fm, Insane in Spain.


I feel like I’m in a bizzaro world. Everything I know is the wrong way round right now.

I don’t do ‘sitting in the sun’ type holidays but right now, I’m sitting by the side of a swimming pool in southern Spain. The sun is shining and the temperature is over 30 degrees Celsius. Our boss, the owner of the radio station, has flown the staff out to his villa for a treat.

As I watch from a wicker chair in the shade, the people I work with, who are usually dressed for business, are lying half naked on sun loungers. The sales manager is rubbing sunscreen on his bald head and a broadcast journalist is in the pool, playing one-on-one water polo with our audio imaging producer. I didn’t think they even liked each other!

The weirdest thing of all is that the boss, who we’re usually trying to please, is here doing his best to keep US happy. He just looked up from cleaning the barbecue, smiled and asked if we’d like another round of drinks!

This is only the first day, I wonder how bizarre this trip will get over the next three and a half days. Maybe I’ll even put on that SHORT sleeve shirt Julie packed for me.

Craic on!

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