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“Doing the same thing over & over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity”. That quote, or variations of it, is widely attributed to Albert Einstein. I don’t know if he said it or not, all I know is that whoever is making managerial decisions at Liverpool Football Club doesn’t agree with it.

Liverpool need to change the way they appoint managers. If they don’t, the bloke that replaces Brendan Rodgers might be just as bad or even worse. The problem is not Rodgers, it’s the system used to employ him as manager. Before joining Liverpool, Brendan Rodgers’ biggest achievement as a manager was getting Swansea promoted from the Championship. His only other managerial jobs were at Reading, where he lasted six months and left by mutual consent, with Reading one place above relegation in the Championship and Watford, where he lasted half a season and guided them to a 13th place finish in the Championship. This is not a CV that should have been anywhere near the top of the pile of applications for the job of managing a club that have been European Champions five times.

Brendan Rodgers has never tasted real success, which is why he is out of his depth at Liverpool. At the end of the season in 2014 when Liverpool finished second, two points behind the Champions, Manchester City, Rodgers had to solve two problems; 1. Find a replacement for Suarez and 2. Sort out the problems at the back (we let in 50 goals that season compared to Chelsea who only let in 27 and finished below us. Crystal Palace let in fewer goals than us and finished 11th!). Here we are at the back end of 2015 and both problems still exist, we even have the same dodgy goalkeeper. Instead, Brendan Rodgers decided to replace the backroom staff!

The fans know all of this but they don’t get a say in the appointment of the manager and that’s where things need to change. The fans should be the ones who decide. Season ticket holders should be balloted at the end of every season and should elect the manager for the next season. Challengers would stand for election and based on their track record and what they promise, the fans would decide whether to re-elect the current manager or replace them with a new one.

Yes, it’s a crazy idea but it’s not as mad as repeating the mistakes that got us into this mess. And you don’t have to be Einstein to see that.

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