Hot and Steamy Down Under!


I almost asked my in-laws to watch soft porn.

Julie’s parents live in New Zealand. When we speak to them on the phone they always mention British TV shows that they get on the telly over there. I know when they watch anything that’s filmed in England they try to imagine what it must be like for us living here.

A few months ago, a film crew was in the town we live in, Hitchin, Hertfordshire. They were making a new drama for the BBC called “Doctor Foster”. I said to Julie, “We should tell your parents to look out for it when it’s shown in New Zealand, so they can see where we live”.

The first episode was shown on BBC 1 on Wednesday night. I missed it when it was on, so today I watched it on the iPlayer. The opening scene was of a naked couple going at it, full pelt! If you’re over 16 and are in the UK, you can watch it here;

Why did the makers of the show cast Hitchin as a hotbed of sexual intrigue?

If ‘Doctor Foster’ does get shown in New Zealand and they mention it to us, we’re not going to tell them where it’s filmed.

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