How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 198.


I’ve never considered myself to be a great footballer. After what happened in South Australia in 1994, I don’t think anybody would argue with that.

Back then, I worked on the air at 5SE, the commercial radio station for the South East region of the state. The radio station was invited to play a charity football match against the local TV station, SES Channel 8.

I was the Breakfast Show host, so I was made the captain of the radio station side. My first decision as skipper was to refuse to wear the kit we were given to play in and instead wore my own Liverpool strip.

After 89 minutes, the score was 2-2, then we were awarded a penalty. In an attempt to lead from the front, I decided that I would be the one to take it. What a story this would be, I could win the game in the final minute. I tried to place it but it went high & wide to the left and missed the goal completely.

At full time, the score was still level. Now the game would be decided by a penalty shootout. I picked the five players to take them but in hindsight made the mistake of once again picking myself.

The shootout got to the point where if I missed mine, we’d lose. Maybe I over-compensated, I probably leaned back too much. The ball went higher and even wider than my first penalty and further away from the goal, this time to the right.

I cost us the game, TWICE!

WE did raise plenty of money for a little girl to have a heart transplant and even made the local TV news. Thankfully they decided not to show either of my penalties.

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