How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 193.


Once, when planning my exit, I made quite an entrance.

Whenever I show up for a live appearance, the first thing I look for is how I’m going to get out. At large outdoor events, If you don’t have an exit plan, you can find yourself trapped there for a long time after your bit is over.

I love meeting as many people as I can at these events and will get there early to shake hands and talk to people, but once I come off the stage, I’m out of there.

In 2009 I was the host of the Breakfast Show at TFM in the North East. I was booked to appear as part of the entertainment at the Race For Life. It’s a great event, thousands of ladies take part in a fun run to raise money to fight cancer. The Race For Life was taking place in a local park. A stage had been set up at the starting line. I was due to go on as part of the warm-up before the race.

I got there early, parked in the car park I had been allocated to and waked to the stage. It was a long walk. When I got there, I realised that to get to the car park after my bit had finished, I would have to cross the actual running track. My bit didn’t end until I blew the air horn to start the race. With around 10,000 runners setting off, it would be a long time before I could get away.

I worked out that if I parked behind the stage, I’d be able to head in the opposite direction and get out of the park through a back gate.

I walked back to the car park, got back in the car and started driving in the general direction of the stage. I had to drive past at least three ‘Checkpoint Charlies’, but as long as I slowed down, didn’t stop, wound down the window, shouted, “Graham Mack from TFM!” and pointed forwards, they didn’t stop me.

I wound my way through a wooded area of the park, became disorientated but could hear the music from the large PA system getting louder so knew I was getting closer. At one point, I had to get out, and move some large traffic cones and tape. After I did that, I was on a nice wide, straight road that I could now see, lead all the way to the stage.

It wasn’t until I came around a bend that I realised that, I was driving along the actual running track!

Arriving at the event by driving along the running track wasn’t the most embarrassing thing that happened that day. More on that in another Craic.

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