My Cover is Blown.


There’s a copyright claim against one of the videos I put on Youtube recently.

Youtube uses software that automatically detects if copyrighted music is used in any of the videos you publish.

In 1986, I lived in New Zealand and was in a 60s cover band called Liverpool Direct. A video of us doing a cover of the Manfred Mann song “Pretty Flamingo” at a rehearsal was picked up by Youtube. I don’t own the rights to the song.

I clicked a few things on the YouTube site, making it clear that I understand their rules. Now the copyright owner shares in any money that’s made from advertising embedded on that video, that seems fair.   

What makes me laugh is that there’s no copyright claim on our version of “Pinball Wizard” that’s also on Youtube. Probably because we play it so fast, that the detection software decided that our version is nothing like the original by The Who.

Craic on!

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