How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 189.


I got the feeling things had come full circle in 2008.

Before I got into radio, in fact before I became an air-conditioning mechanic, I worked as a pipefitter on an oil refinery construction site in New Zealand. I was 18 when I first started on the site, it was 1983. I stayed there till the last day of construction in 1986.

Here’s a picture of me with the pre-commissioning crew, standing on a gantry around a furnace on ‘C’ block, can you spot me?

Marsden Point Gantry

Fast forward to 2008. I was the presenter of the Breakfast Show on TFM Radio in the North East. I was asked to present a series of programs for Action Television about the benefits of industrial insulation. We shot part of it outside the steel plant at Redcar, here’s a clip;

When I worked at Marsden Point, there’s no way I could have imagined that one day, I’d be standing on the other side of the world, looking down the barrel of a camera, talking about heavy industry while standing in front of an industrial furnace.

If you didn’t spot me on the furnace at Marsden Point, I was on the second gantry up, on the left.

Marsden Close

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