Radio Ga Ga.


The great thing about being on the radio is that you can’t be seen. At this year’s Morning Show Boot Camp in Chicago I had an embarrassing moment when I wished I was invisible.

Morning Show Boot Camp is an annual event where around three hundred breakfast radio show hosts get together to learn and get inspired. This is the seventeenth radio conference I’ve been to in the USA and I’ve got to know some of the hosts really well. I also know which shows are big in which cities, especially if they’ve been there for a long time. For example, if you said San Diego I’d think of Jeff & Ger, in Minneapolis it’s Dave Ryan and in Phoenix, Johnjay & Rich.

Just before one of the sessions started at this year’s event, I introduced myself to the bloke next to me and asked him where he was from. He said, “Houston”. I said, “Oh, does your show compete against Roula & Ryan?”

He said, “No, I am Ryan”!

Craic on!

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