How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 187.


The show must go on! That’s the first rule of show business.

From July 2006 till May 2010 I lived in the North East. I was the host of the Breakfast Show on TFM Radio. I was also the front man of The Graham Mack Blues Band. All of the musicians in the band lived in the North East, that’s where all of our gigs were. It was a different line-up to the one I’d used on the South Coast, where I’d originally formed the band while I lived down there.

One day in 2007, I got a call from Kyp at Mr Kyps in Poole, Dorset. Mr Kyps was my favourite venue. The South Coast version of the band played there many times. Kyp said he had a Saturday night gig he had to fill in a couple of week’s time and offered me a nice fee if we were available. I said yes straight away. Then I started making some phone calls.

At short notice, none of the guys I’d worked with before in the south were available. Not to worry, I thought, I’ll take the current North East version of the band on the road.

I soon found out that the North East based guys weren’t able to give up their entire weekend, make a 660 mile round trip and spend almost twelve hours on the road for one night in Poole. I had a gig but no band!

The show did go on. Find out how I did it in another Craic.

In the mean time, here’s what the South Coast version of The Graham Mack Blues Band sounded like when we played Mr Kyps in 2005.

Craic on!

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