Secret Service.


Ever hear the old joke about the family who went on a self-catering holiday and then complained about the food?

I was reminded of that joke today when I filled up with petrol. As soon as I’d paid, the girl behind the counter handed me a card with her name on it and a code. I’m supposed to go to a website and rate the service I got. I’m confused because it’s a SELF-SERVICE petrol station!

I was the one who drove up to the pump, I was the one who selected the grade of fuel, I was the one who walked across the forecourt to the shop, it was me who told her which pump I’d used and it was me who put my debit card in the card reader and tapped in my pin number. What am I supposed to do, rate how well I served myself?

The girl behind the counter was nice enough but she didn’t actually do that much. I didn’t have any difficult questions to ask her, I didn’t even need a receipt! I think the only thing she actually did was hand me the feedback card!

I’m not sure what more she could have done. It’s not like she could have shown me anything in the shop because she wasn’t actually in the shop itself, she was in a little booth behind bulletproof glass.

I will go online and give feedback though and where it asks for the name of the person who served me, I’m going to put MY name.

Who knows, if I visit that petrol station a lot and I give myself really good service, I might end up as , “Employee of the Month”!

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