Marty! What In The Name of Sir Isaac H. Newton Happened Here?


I went back to the future the other day.

I went to visit my old mate Richard Thomas in Great Sankey near Warrington. It’s where I grew up and Richard still lives nearby. Although Richard and I have met up a few times since, this was the first time since 1985 that I’d been back to the street where we lived next door to each other.

I took a drive around the neighbourhood. Something isn’t right, although a lot of it looked familiar, things had changed. The Chapel House pub where my dad used to drink was pretty much the same, but Thornley’s paper shop is now a combined sandwich bar & barbers and Harry’s Chippy sells pizza!

It was like that scene in “Back to The Future part 2” when they travel back in time but the time continuum has been altered dramatically and they find themselves in a different 1985. To me that area should still look like it did the last time I was there. Now I was in the wrong 1985!

How’s this for a coincidence? The year I thought I’d returned to was 1985. That’s the same year as in the film! It doesn’t end there. When Marty and the Doc make a visit to the future, the year they go to is 2015! THAT’S THIS YEAR!!!!!

Clearly my only hope is to find a time machine, go back to 1955 and save the future!

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