The Speed of Sound.


I can’t believe how fast we used to play everything!

Today I found an old VHS tape of the first proper band I was in. It was 1986, I was 22 and lived in New Zealand.

We played mainly 60s beat group covers. The band was called “Liverpool Direct”, which “suggested” that we were on tour from the UK. We added to the illusion by playing in front of a union jack backdrop. The truth was, three quarters of the band were Kiwis and we all lived in Whangarei. We got plenty of paying work in Northland, New Zealand, playing three nights a week for a couple of years.

The gimmick worked well but sometimes got lost in translation. I remember reading a review of one of our shows at The Lighthouse in Dargaville. The local paper described us as the band with a “Real ‘Liverpoolian’ lead singer”.

I don’t know if it was because we were so young or if we’d all been influenced by new wave music from a few years earlier but every song was played at breakneck speed.

When The Who released “Pinball Wizard” it ran for three minutes. We played it so fast we were done in two minutes and twelve seconds!

Craic on!

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