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Secret Service.


Ever hear the old joke about the family who went on a self-catering holiday and then complained about the food? I was reminded of that joke today when I filled up with petrol. As soon as I’d paid, the girl behind the counter handed me a card with her name on it and a code. […]

I’ve talked to a cannibal. In 2007, I was the host of the Breakfast Show on TFM Radio in the North East. I asked people to call in with the most unusual thing they’d ever eaten. You can listen to here; The next day the story made headlines around the world. Here’s how some of […]

I went back to the future the other day. I went to visit my old mate Richard Thomas in Great Sankey near Warrington. It’s where I grew up and Richard still lives nearby. Although Richard and I have met up a few times since, this was the first time since 1985 that I’d been back […]

The thing I liked most about living in the North East was the people. There was a straight talking, no-nonsense, practicality to them. In 2006 when I presented the Breakfast show on TFM on Teesside. The Euromillions lottery jackpot went to over a hundred million pounds. I asked people to call in to the show […]

This morning I appeared briefly on ITV. Click the link to watch; “If you’re interested in a date with Lesley, please email a short paragraph about yourself and why you’d like to meet her along with your photo  to by Monday 27th July at 6pm. Lesley’s preference is to meet someone aged 60 […]

Julie had a brand new life experience when we moved to Teesside in 2006. Julie grew up in New Zealand where most houses are bungalows. In Australia and everywhere else we’ve lived in the UK we’ve always rented flats. At the age of 38, our house on Teesside was the first time Julie had lived […]

Girl Power.


“No girls at band practice”, that’s one of the unwritten rules of rock ‘n’ roll. I found another VHS tape of my old band in New Zealand. The tape is from one of our rehearsals in 1986 at our drummer’s parents house. It features a couple of surprises. The first one is that we could […]

I found a great way to deal with cold callers. In 2006 when we moved into our new house on Teesside, one of the first things I did was hook up a mixing desk to a telephone balancing unit. I had a condenser microphone plugged into the mixer so I could record all of my […]

I can’t believe how fast we used to play everything! Today I found an old VHS tape of the first proper band I was in. It was 1986, I was 22 and lived in New Zealand. We played mainly 60s beat group covers. The band was called “Liverpool Direct”, which “suggested” that we were on […]

I accidentally called the Hollywood actress Kirsten Dunst. It was in 2002, when I was presenting the Breakfast Show on 106 Century FM. One of the things I used to do was call public payphones around the world and chat to whoever answered. One morning I called the payphone next to the toilets in Swingers […]



Perception is reality. I’ve treated myself to a Porsche 911. It’s not new but it’s new to me and I love it! BOB fm is in a very rural location. When I get there first thing in the morning, I have to park on a gravel driveway while I unlock the gate. When it rains […]

It sounded like I couldn’t lose but I was wrong. In 2003 I was presenting the Breakfast Show at 106 Century Radio in the East Midlands. A bloke used to call the show a lot with racing tips. He was very good at picking winners. His name was John and he ran an internet business […]

Mother’s Day.


I got an unexpected bonus last weekend. I visited my parents in the North West, sat with my mum and recorded a “Director’s Commentary” to go along with our 8mm home movies. In one of our many tea breaks, my dad pulled out their old wedding album from 1956. When we’d finished recording the stuff […]

More than half of 2015 is gone and I’ve been having a lot of fun on BOB fm. I’ve put the audio of my favourite bits from the first half of the year on YouTube. I hope some of your favourites are on here too! Craic on! Listen to the latest Mack Nuggets at; If […]

Sound Idea.


I should get my mother to record a “director’s commentary”! That was the thought I had when I blogged about the home movies that my dad shot in the 60s and 70s. Most DVDs come with “special features” and “extras”, why not our old cine films? On Saturday I managed to get mum to […]

When you move to a new neighbourhood, the last thing you want to do is fall out with the local kids. In July 2006, I got a job as the Breakfast Presenter at TFM Radio on Teesside so we moved up there. The house we rented was in a place called Wynyard. It’s a kind […]



I suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. This week, BOB fm’s head of production returned to work after a bicycle accident. I noticed that his left arm was in a sling. Trying to put a positive spin on things, I said to him, “Hey, it could be worse, it could be your right arm!”. That’s when he […]