How an air-conditioning mechanic in Sydney Australia became an award winning broadcaster in Britain; Part 173.


Tight schedules and small windows of opportunity can create a lot of stress.

Every time I get a new radio job, Julie and I have to move house, quickly, usually hundreds of miles. The first thing we have to do each time is find somewhere to live.

In June 2006 I got offered the Breakfast Show at TFM Radio on Teesside. At the time I was the Program Director and Breakfast Show host at 2CRFM on England’s South Coast. We lived in Bournemouth, Middlesbrough is 328 miles north of there.

Julie wanted to look at places to rent in one day, without an overnight stop. She booked appointments for viewings at properties on Teesside and North Yorkshire and got an early flight from Southampton to Leeds Bradford Airport. From there, the plan was to pick up a rental car, check the places out and get a late flight back. Precision planning meant that each appointment was booked with enough time factored in to drive to the next one. As long as she started on time, everything would would be fine.

Julie had never been to Teesside before. In the days before sat-nav on smartphones, we had a Tom Tom satnav that suckered to the inside of the windscreen and plugged into the cigarette lighter. She programed the postcodes of each viewing into it. Not long after she arrived at Leeds Bradford Airport, things went horribly wrong.

She was touching up her makeup in the mirror above the wash basins in the ladies when she heard water running. She’d put her bag down in the sink and the motion sensor tap had turned itself on and was filling her bag up with water. The Tom Tom was inside the bag! She said she clearly heard the music from the shower scene in Psycho.

Julie managed to rescue the sat nav and dried it out under the hot air hand drier. Amazingly, it still worked and she was able to make every appointment. The next week, we moved into a lovely house at a place called Wynyard.

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